Harvard Econ Students Walk Out


It is not surprising that students would be more astute about economics than their professor. This open letter to Harvard Prof. Greg Mankiw, in which they declare they’re walking out of his class because it has a narrow, conservative bias, is gratifying. It starts:

Dear Professor Mankiw—

Today, we are walking out of your class, Economics 10, in order to express our discontent with the bias inherent in this introductory economics course. We are deeply concerned about the way that this bias affects students, the University, and our greater society.

Sad that these students don’t express an inkling of what’s really out there in the realm of alternative economic thought and critiques of capitalism, but maybe if they wander down to Occupy Boston while they’re sitting out Mankiw’s class, they’ll learn something useful that they’re not going to hear at Harvard. At least they know they’re being manipulated. Pretty soon, it will be their turn to do the manipulating. Let’s hope this undermines their future in this way.

Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

  • dirt farmer

    Brian, umm, I don’t know if you’re really busy or distracted, but I kinda have a suggestion for you, if I may? You should probably sort of READ the open letter first. :-)

    They were on their way to Occupy Boston. Last paragraph.

    “We are walking out today to join a Boston-wide march protesting the corporatization of higher education as part of the global Occupy movement. Since the biased nature of Economics 10 contributes to and symbolizes the increasing economic inequality in America, we are walking out of your class today both to protest your inadequate discussion of basic economic theory and to lend our support to a movement that is changing American discourse on economic injustice. Professor Mankiw, we ask that you take our concerns and our walk-out seriously.


    Concerned students of Economics 10”

    • Brian Dominick

      Heh. Yeah, I think that’s where I got the idea from. I actually thought the letter was pretty awful, but I love that they did it.

  • dirt farmer

    I think this pretty much dipels the idea that OWS protesters are all just dirty, stinking, dreadlocked, communist, pot smoking, lazy hippies who feel entitled to take cash directly out of the pockets of rich, and who just want an excuse to go out and complain about something…..instead of going out and getting a job…because jobs are a-plenty, apparently.

    • Brian Dominick

      Well, it shows that a handful of Harvard students support them. I’m unconvinced that’s a great thing for a movement of this nature.