About the Blog

I think and dream about a better society — one with a fundamentally improved economic system and other social relations (political, cultural, interpersonal, international).

I generally sympathize strongest with the broad vision known (to my chagrin) as “participatory economics“, or “parecon”. I was privileged in my youth to spend years under the tutelage of that model’s key contributors, Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel.

At the same time, I’ve had two feet in the real world, working as an organizer of all kinds of institutions, including nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and activist groups of nearly every scale, from affinity groups to international networks. I have been a journalist and editor (notably at ZNet and The NewStandard). I have also spent ample time debating or otherwise learning from mainstream economists, business leaders, labor activists, and other dynamic individuals.

Today, I am co-founder of a social networking startup called Activore.

This blog is a repository for what I am thinking and reading about capitalism of the future and its alternatives, and for occasional musings by myself and perhaps some guest contributors.

I believe a better economy is inevitable (though a better world may not be). The real questions are:

  • How much better?
  • What form will it take?
  • What will it take?